The Laminar Flow Booth’s controlled, once through, non-turbulent airflow ensures operators, products and processes are protection from dust and fumes – the filtered down flow of air means only clean air is in the operator’s breathing zone and particles generated in the processing activities are pushed away.

Available custom-built or in standard sizes up to 4m wide the ergonomic design of the Hosokawa Laminar Flow booths allows a wide range of containers to be handled either manually or automatically.

Individually designed utilizing the Stott / Vitalair technology to meet specific requirements the flow booths can be supplied with integral fan/motor systems, with filling and weighing, processing or manufacturing equipment zoned according to area classifications.

Air is extracted at the back of the booth through a full rear plenum designed to give a laminar pull of air to 0.5 m/sec across the open front face access and thus creating a non-turbulent airflow pulling away any product emissions from the work area and operator.

Typical Applications:

  • Charging and discharging
  • Filling and weighing
  • Inspection and dispensing
  • Vacuum transfer
  • Liquid and solvent pumping and dispensing

Features / Benefits:

  • Customized design
  • Once-through non-turbulent airflow
  • Good operator protection from dust fumes or vapors
  • Fixed or portable operation
  • Rear plenum chamber with air control valves
  • Integration filling & weighing systems or drum tipping
  • Manually or pneumatically operated doors available
  • Integrated operator controls
  • CIP systems
  • Container location and pneumatic ejection
  • Internal Lighting


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