Field Service & Supervision

At Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems we offer a variety of on site services that you may wish to consider. Invariably you will encounter powder processing problems at some point. Our trained service technicians can be on site in short notice to evaluate your systems condition and to troubleshoot and solve any problem.

When installing larger equipment or systems our Supervisory services can save you time and money. Our experience and knowledge of calibration, tolerances, balancing, lubrication requirements and system process parameters can help to get your equipment installed and running in a minimal amount of time.

After a new machine or system is supplied by Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems we recommend that customers take advantage of our start up services. Our engineers can quickly assess operating conditions and make adjustments quickly so that start-up times are minimized, and units operate at peak performance.

Contact our Service Department  for further assistance

Process Optimization
Process optimization services are often recommended after a system has been in operation for several years. Optimal settings and system parameters are often changed or forgotten over time and very often we find systems operating well below the original performance guarantee conditions. In our current economic state, no one can afford to waste energy and live with sub optimal performance. We can visit your site, evaluate your systems performance and determine if corrective action requires new parts, controls modification, loop tuning or air flow and pressure balancing.

Maintenance & Training

To keep your equipment running efficiently, general maintenance is a must. Our technicians can guide you through any operation; from checking and changing lubricants to undertaking a major overhaul of your machine. We can custom tailor classroom sessions for your maintenance personnel, so that they can learn the specific details required to maintain your special piece of Hosokawa machinery. Instructions typically include all aspects of lubrication, parts replacement, clearance adjustments and evaluation of worn components.

Visit the Resource Library and watch Hosokawa's experts demonstrate how to clean, assemble, and maintain our processing equipment.

Maintenance Programs
If you are a smaller company and have limited manpower or maintenance personnel, it does not have to be a problem to maintain a manufacturing operation. We can customize a fixed priced program for you to contract our skilled technicians to periodically visit your site and evaluate your systems and equipment condition as well as evaluate performance. A summary report tells you exactly what needs to be done to keep your system at peak performance.

Repairs & Rebuilds
We offer repair and rebuild services for a number of machines and their components. Very often, special tools and knowledge about the equipment or component is required in order to make the repair or rebuild successful. By sending your assembly or machine to us, we can carry out the repair in our facility with the shortest lead time and the lowest cost to you.

Upgrades and Retrofit Options
Upgrade your current processing equipment with a conversion kit designed to factory specifications. These complete kits are the inexpensive, quick way to improve your precision and capacity while increasing efficiency. The kits can be installed on site by in-house maintenance personal or by trained Hosokawa technicians.

Separate mill components can be individually replaced when worn. Keep your actual installation intact by replacing with new Main Bodies and Housing Covers. This eliminates the cost of a complete mill replacement and brings critical clearances back to NEW condition. The drive components and controls remain.

System Validation for Analytical Equipment
Let Hosokawa's professional trained technicians validate your Micron Air Jet Sieve, Powder Characteristics Tester and other analytical equipment to ensure optimum performance and accurate analysis.

Hosokawa Concierge Service Program

As part of Hosokawa’s commitment to our customers, we recently launched the Hosokawa Concierge Service Program with the intention of helping customers maintain their equipment and minimize production interruptions. The Hosokawa Concierge Service Program offers free, regular contact with your Aftermarket Parts Specialist to provide assistance and reminders for equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

Our Aftermarket Department consists of knowledgeable and experienced representatives. They have assisted thousands of customers with their post-purchase parts and service needs. If you think your organization would benefit from this customized program, please consider joining. There is no cost to participate and the program includes:

  • Customized Spare Parts Lists & Reminders
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Maintenance Reminders & Tips
  • Operational Performance Analysis via teleconference
  • Coordination of Service Requests

To participate in the Hosokawa Concierge Service Program, please contact our Aftermarket Department at (908) 273-6360 or  They will work with your operators directly to build a customized plan to keep your equipment operational.

Hosokawa Emergency Service

In the event of a true processing emergency or need for urgent service, please call (201) 910-3865 . When calling, please leave your name, company name, phone number (and extension) and a brief message about your request. A Hosokawa representative will return your message as soon as possible.

This phone number is for emergency service requests only. If you are inquiring about a parts or service orders, please complete our Contact Us Now form or call Hosokawa at (908) 273-6360 during normal business hours.