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Hosokawa designs and builds a full range of Pharmaceutical Isolators including systems which are designed to achieve Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) down to 10 ng/m3( 8hr TWA).

The development of increasingly potent and potentially toxic pharmaceutical products and chemicals has led to demands for increased operator protection from exposure to harmful dusts. In response Hosokawa has pioneered the development of a range of high containment enclosures or Stott Isolators and Gloveboxes which create a physical barrier between the operator and the product. This enables ‘shirt sleeve operation’ without the need for Personal Protective Equipment. Stott Isolators are available for both manual and automated handling and processing procedures and are available in single units or multi-cell variants where defined barriers separate individual processes and offer complete operator safety and product integrity.

They are ideal for such critical processes as milling, micronizing, drying, dispensing and product pack off. Integrated Containment Technology Hosokawa's Stott Isolators can be designed to contain either Hosokawa or third party processing equipment such as micronizers, tray dryers, granulators etc.

Hosokawa's own range of equipment can be specially designed for installation inside an Isolator to offer a highly engineered, bespoke, contained processing solution. Mobile Isolators For companies looking for a lower cost alternative to the stainless steel isolator and shorter lead time for testing, trials or production processes the Mobile, plug and play, Isolators offer containment levels <1µg/m³.

  • Excellent internal visibility
  • Optional glove port positioning
  • Lightweight construction
  • Highly flexible in use as self contained workstations.
  • Plastic bag canopy ‘single use’ variant available
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