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Mikro Bantam® Hammer & Screen Mill

Mikro Bantam® Hammer & Screen Mill

The Mikro Bantam® Hammer and Screen Mill is ideally suited for granular to fine grinding tasks, producing batches from one quart to 55 gallons in size. It consists of a high-speed rotor assembly equipped with “T” type swinging hammers. The grinding chamber is fitted with a multiple deflector liner and a retaining screen at the point of material discharge. Because the grinding system is mechanically controlled, Mikro Bantam® Hammer and Screen Mill provide accuracy in particle size control.

Once the mill is set to deliver a certain product, it will continue to produce exactly the same result without adjustment. Its space saving design lends itself for laboratory and small production applications.

Design & Options:

  • 1 HP or 2 HP models available
  • Ideal for small batches up to 20 lbs/hour
  • Economical produces materials D90 < 90 µm
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Durable and Reliable Construction
  • Available with Electronic Feed Screw or Manual Operation
  • Gravity discharge – no ancillary equipment required
  • 110/120 volt power required (220 volt optional)
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