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Micron Nobilta High Intensity Mixer for Toll Processing

Micron Nobilta High Intensity Mixer for Toll Processing

The Micron Nobilta High Intensity Mixer can produce solid-solid composite materials in a dry process without the use of a binder by only applying mechanical force. It is also a multi-functional processing unit for precision mixing, particle surface modification and shape enhancement.

Design & Options:

  • Designed for mixing, composing, surface treatment, and spheronization of chemicals, minerals, cosmetic & pharmaceuticals
  • Available from 0.5 liters to 300 liter systems
  • Equipped with water-cooled jacket for even operating temperature control
  • Options for hard-facing and ceramic lined components
  • Ideal for producing heat sensitive, sticky, and abrasive materials
  • Easy to dismantle for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Suitable for processing nano-size materials

Typical Applications:

  • Energy Storage - Improve packing density and sintering ability for secondary batteries. Improve capability of fuel cells.
  • Copy & Photos  - Improve flowability of Toner, surface modification of carrier particles.
  • Pigments - Improve color tone by high dispersion.
  • Chemicals - Design functional resin (nano-filler + resin etc), high performance catalysts.
  • Cosmetics - Control refraction, improve flowability by surface modification.
  • Architecture - High resistance to environment, high temperature resistance and high intensity material, gradient functional composite.
  • Environment - Improve of catalytic performance, effective high temperature treatment and high stability to environment.
  • Pharmaceutical - Particle design for Drug Delivery System (control solubility, high dissolution), improve color tone.
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