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Alpine Ventoplex Air Classifier

Alpine Ventoplex Air Classifier

The Alpine Ventoplex Air Classifier is a dynamic particle separation system. circuit-air classifier. The fan and classifying wheel are co-axially arranged and are driven by two separate drives. This makes it possible for the user to set different speeds and thus permits a significant extension of the fineness range.

The product is fed through the center of the classifier head. Materials fall onto a centrifugal plate underneath the classifying wheel. The centrifugal plate distributes the feed material uniformly in the classifying chamber. Coarse particles fall against the upward flow of classifying air to the bottom, collect in the coarse material cone and are discharged through the side. Fine particles in the feed material become entrained in the upward flow of classifying air and enter the classifying wheel along with the classifying air.

The particles in the classifying wheel are classified by the two competing forces, namely centrifugal force and flow force. Coarse particles are rejected by the centrifugal force, whereas for the fine particles, the drag force of the air flow predominates, allowing the particles to pass through the classifying wheel. The Alpine Ventoplex Air Classifier requires no additional external dust collector to separate the fines. Because of the high wear resistance and the high achievable fines throughput, the Alpine Ventoplex Air Classifier is ideal for use in the mineral powder industry, especially for ceramic powders that need to be produced without iron contamination.

  • Fineness range from D97 = 24 µm to 200 µm.
  • Low specific energy requirement
  • Wear protection options available for abrasive materials
  • Adjustable cut point, even during operation
  • Easy access for inspections and cleaning
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