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The Alpine Picoline is a series of miniature laboratory machines for processing samples down to 1 gram. The Picoline is ideally suited for research and development or for manufacturing expensive materials such as nano-particles, pharmaceuticals, plastics, ceramics and specialty chemicals.

The Picoline has a universal platform that includes all the necessary controls and mechanical components to operate different interchangeable process devices for R&D batches:

  • Picozirk – Air Classifier Mill (ZPS)
  • Picoplex -  Fine Impact Mill (UPZ)
  • Picocross – High-Speed Impact Mill (CW)
  • Picojet – Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mill (AFG)
  • Piconizer – Spiral Jet Mill (AS)
  • Picoliq – Wet Agitated Media Mill (AHM)
  • Picosplit - Ultrafine Air Classifier (ATP)
  • Picobond – High-Energy Mixer (NOB/AMS)
  • Picomix – High Shear Batch Mixer (Cyclomix)

The modular platform design of the Picoline saves space in the lab and allows customers to purchase only the attachments they need. All of the functions can be scaled up for pilot and large production. Picoline machines are designed for easy operation, simple maintenance and cleanability.

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