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With the Alpine Pharmapaktor APC K active substance mixtures are processed into granulate. For this the powder is first pressed into flakes/pellets. These are often crushed with a Flake Crusher or Screening Granulator into granulate. The Alpine Pharmapaktor APC Koffers a stable, parallel roller gap over the whole press force. A one-sided excess compression is avoided because of this. Therefore this machine is particularly suited to pressure-sensitive products. The Alpine Pharmapaktor APC K is equipped with a press force control as standard. The quality relevant press force can be continually logged and controlled. Therefore the process can be validated.


  • Production machine for large batches
  • in the case of high press forces
  • in the case of temperature sensitive products


  • Adjustable roll gap
  • Cool-able rollers
  • Vacuum de-aeration
  • High through-puts up to 900 kg/h
  • Pre- and secondary crushing
  • Automatic feed unit
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