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With the Alpine Pharmapaktor APC C 250 active substance mixtures are processed into granulate. For this the powder is first pressed into flakes/pellets. Crushing to granulate takes place in one or two stages with integrated Flake Crusher. The Alpine Pharmapaktor APC C 250 has gap and screw control. Gap control takes place electro-mechanically and therefore is particularly low-maintenance. The rollers are easily accessible and can be disassembled at the front for cleaning. The regulation of the powder in the roll gap takes place with a screw system made up of horizontal and vertical screws. This allows for a quick product adaptation - at the touch of a button. For the R&D sector, small funnels with as little as 50 g can be used to achieve reproducible results.


  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Pilot operation and development
  • in the case of frequently changed products
  • in the case of temperature sensitive products
  • Insulator application


  • Gap adjustable during operation
  • Cooled rollers available
  • Vacuum de-aeration
  • Small funnels for reproducible results from 50 g
  • Screw system for automatic product adaptation
  • integrated flake crusher


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