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The Alpine Kompaktor ARC MS compress powder to granulate or briquettes. This process is described as compaction or briquetting. The rollers of this Kompaktor are of a mill shaft design which makes the machines very robust and durable. The machine series ranges from smaller machine with 300 mm roller diameter for chemical products to machines with up to 1.100 mm roller diameter and through-puts of up to 120 t/h? for mineral applications.


  • Dedusting by briquetting
  • Granulate production, e.g. fertilizer
  • Improve flowing properties and storage life of powders
  • Increase bulk weight
  • Improve flowing behavior of powders


  • Roller diameter: 300 mm - 1,100 mm
  • Working width of 80 - 1,000 mm
  • Drive unit of 11 kW to 800 kW
  • Gravity fed
  • Gravity fed for optimal throughput capacity
  • Throughput capacity of 0.5 ? 120 t/h
  • Wear-protected construction
  • Segmented rollers, solid rollers or roll tyres
  • Vacuum de-aeration in the case of light products
  • Stainless steel construction optional
  • Gas-tight housing
  • Roller cooling optional
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