Polymer Systems Premium Shurfeed Granulator

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    Polymer Systems has taken its proven Shurfeed™ chamber design a giant step forward with refinements that dramatically improve operating efficiency. A specially designed back wall smoothes material transition to the cutting circle to practically eliminate flyback while reducing overall shock to the system, noise and energy usage as well.

    Another improvement: New Premium Shurfeed™ rotors run at slower speeds to decrease the velocity of materials in the chamber, reducing the ricochet effect. In total, operating efficiencies achieved with this new chamber design deliver substantial improvement in noise reduction, flyback and energy efficiency.  Polymer Systems has system-matched chamber, rotor and drive components in this new line of granulators to deliver efficient, trouble-free performance with the lowest possible power requirements.

    The original Double Angle Cut™ configuration which includes three steep-angle rotor knives and two counter-angled bed knives, provides a high shear slicing action that produces a clean, uniform granulate at high throughput rates with low energy consumption.  The new rotor design also puts more weight at the outer diameter to maximize use of kinetic energy and inertia for easier cutting of materials without jamming. Polymer Systems uses larger sheaves to further increase inertial forces.

    Features & Specifications:

    • Durable construction for years of continuous operation
    • Variable rotor drive speed control
    • Stainless steel sound-reducing cabinet
    • Triple-ply laminated hoppers for quieter operation
    • Available for pilot scale recycling up to full production systems
    • Patented double Angle Cross-Scissor Cut action
    • Throat sizes from 14? up to 24?
    • Powered with 15 HP up to 50 HP
    • Efficient & consistent granulation
    • Easy to operate & maintain
    • Customizable designs with limitless capabilities


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