The Universal Mikro Pulverizer is now available

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems recently introduced the Universal Mikro® Pulverizer (UMP). From the inventors of the original high speed pulverizer comes a new line of pharmaceutical impact mills that provide the next level of performance and versatility to the Industry. This new line of mills offers the latest milling technology, coupled with a new ergonomic design and easy clean features. Now one mill can provide finished materials ranging from coarse granulations to ultra-fine particle size distributions. The results come from the unique capability to inter-change a variety of internal grinding elements coupled with a rotor tip speed that can be varied from 40 m/s to 160 m/s. The result is an extremely flexible machine to process a wide range of API’s and excipients. There are three model sizes available to handle capacities for a few kg/hr to several hundred kg/hr. The new series consists of models UPM-B, UPM-1 and UPM-2. Hosokawa offers these mill systems in a number of configurations that meet specific application requirements, including closed loop inert processing, 150 psi high pressure systems and high containment options to provide nanogram level containment and operator protection.

The UMP has been designed to replace the Bantam as a versatile size reduction apparatus with different configurations and model sizes available. Since the introduction just over a year ago, 20 units have been delivered with extremely positive feedback. 

The UMP features a fabricated housing with a hinged door and tri-clamp closure mechanism. It features interchangeable grinding mechanisms giving the end user unlimited ability to change particle size and distribution. The unit can be fitted with a knife type rotor to provide granular products. Mikro impact hammer and screen assembly can be substituted to make finer materials down of 50 microns. The pin discs and a new bearing housing design can run at a top speed of 28,000 rpm to produce products down to the 25 microns.

New Innovations for a Proven Technology at Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

For over 75 years one of the best known products in the powder processing industry has been the Mikro-Pulverizer®. This versatile product line is sold worldwide by Hosokawa and because of its wide application range it probably has the most installations of any size reduction technology in the Industry. Now, a whole new generation of machines is available known as the Universal Mikro-Pulverizer® (UMP)

  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical, Food and Specialty Chemical Industries
  • New Designs incorporate ergonomic and aesthetic improvements
  • Increased functionality to offer the versatility of several size reduction technologies

The UMP Series is Available in 3 Models:

  • The UMP-B is a 1 horsepower machine designed for R& D and small scale production with throughputs of up to 100 lbs /hr.
  • The UMP-1 is a 5 horsepower machine with capacity ranging up to 500 lbs/hr
  • The UMP-2 is a 15 horsepower machine with capacity ranging up to 2,000 lbs per hour

Design Features That Make This Product the “Customer’s Choice”

  • All the UMP’s feature a single cantilevered high speed bearing housing with sealed for life air purged bearings.
  • All fabricated construction including hinged access door with quick and easy access for cleaning or changing rotor configurations.
  • The three rotor options mentioned above are available for all models including a variable speed main rotor drive.
  • Multiple feeding and collection options are available.
  • Material of construction is standard as 304 SS and any finish can be applied.
  • For hazardous applications PSR units are available and all mills can be incorporated into bunker style, once through, closed loop or inert system designs.

Clearly, the new UMP Pulverizer series for Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical applications offers the industry a whole new concept in size reduction equipment.  For more information on the UMP please contact Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems at (800) 526-4491 or