The Sweet Choice for Size Reduction Equipment and Systems for Sugar Milling Applications

For the food and sugar industry’s need to produce powdered sugar, for grinds ranging from the coarse size of 2X and 4X to the middle range grinds of 6X and 8X and to the finer range grinds of 10X, 12X and the even finer silk grade sugar, Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems provides a wide range of milling equipment and systems options.  These options include the Mikro-Pulverizer® Hammer and Screen Mill, the SugarPlex mill and the Mikro-ACM® Air Classifying Mill. 

In the sugar industry, the definitions used above with regard to an “X” grind as defined by a percentage of material below a certain mesh size, do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  As such, Hosokawa has developed a defined standard for each of the grinds as depicted in the chart below. 

For the coarse to middle range grinds, the Mikro Pulverizer® Hammer & Screen Mill  would be the mill of choice.  This mill consists of a high speed rotor assembly fitted with hammers that uses mechanical impact to grind raw sugar to a typical range of 4X to  8x defined as 92% < 200 Mesh (75 µm) to 96% < 200 Mesh (75 µm). The Mikro Pulverizer is available in a variety of sizes for small pilot mills to large production systems capable of processing over 21,000 lbs. /hour.

The SugarPlex  milling system is an extremely compact system that does not require external filters, fans or cooling systems. 

The SugarPlex utilizes pin milling technology.  The grind ranges for this technology are from top sizes of 450 µm to 90 µm.

For the most comprehensive range of grinds from the coarse range, to the middle range and the finer range grinds, the Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mill  is the mill of choice.  Hosokawa’s air classification mill offers the highest capacity and widest range of fineness grind of our size reduction systems. It is able to mill raw sugar from the range of 4X to 12 x or 92% < 200 Mesh (75 µm) to 98% < 325 Mesh (45 µm) and still achieve high production rates. This mill can even be used to produce silk sugar (defined as 97% < 20 µm).