Seminar & Exhibition – A successful Powder Processing Experience

Hosokawa Micron’s last in-house event five years ago was a great success, but the Powder Processing Experience in November managed to top all expectations. More than 300 people joined them at their premises in Doetinchem, The Netherlands for this one-day seminar and in-house exhibition. With four one-day events in total, participants were given a choice of two themes: the food or the chemical industry, and two languages: English and German. The response was considerable.

Hosokawa Micron is extremely pleased with the number of visitors that attended the event in November 2010. Similarly, the visitors were very positive about the level of organisation, hospitality and the quality of the seminar programme. High-quality presentations combined successfully with the focussed exhibition from Hosokawa Micron’s partners and suppliers. There was a tour of the company’s test facilities, tolling and production departments and live demonstrations were given throughout the day.

When asked what they thought about the Powder Processing Experience, the praise from participants was high: “The combination of a seminar with a focussed exhibition is such a good idea. It’s a great alternative to larger trade fairs. I enjoyed finding out about technological solutions for specific target areas, like active freeze drying for example. It is certainly something I would do again, and recommend to other people.”

Chemical Industry Seminar

The Chemical Industry Seminar was held on 9th November in English and on 10th November 2010 in German. After a warm welcome from Mr Giesen, the managing director,  it was the speakers’ turn to present their topics. Attracting 120 participants in total, the Chemical Industry Seminar included the following topics:

  • The economic aspects of drying
  • Mixer performance: a comparison of shear, energy consumption, accuracy and mixing time
  • One stop shopping for process equipment and plant solutions
  • Milling technologies – wear protection and corrosion prevention

Safety in industrial processes was also discussed by the firms StuvEx, ISMA and Rembe among others.

“I was extremely satisfied with the lectures,” commented one participant at the Chemical Industry Seminar. “The balance between the number of lectures, demonstrations and the exhibition was just right. Truly a worthwhile initiative and much more effective than visiting bigger fairs like Achema.”

Food Industry Seminar

The Food Industry Seminar was held on 17th November in German and 18th November in English. Some 170 visitors attended these two days, making it the slightly more popular theme. The seminar programme focussed on processes in the food and beverage industry and included a presentation from Hosokawa Micron on agglomeration in food processes, more specifically, instant drinks, soups, and dairy products. Another delved into the topic of active freeze drying and low-energy flash drying, whilst the last presentation before the Live Explosion Experience touched upon the importance of integrated monitoring for optimising process performance in food processing. Safety was also an important part of the programme, highlighted in the presentation from Burgraaf & Partners about the impact of hygienic design on safe food processing.

“The whole event has been excellent with a good variety of topics, talented speakers and I also enjoyed the tour of the company’s test facilities and the Live Explosion Experience. An excellent combination.”