Protein Shifting & Starch Activation Webinar draws nearly 100 viewers

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems recently hosted an online seminar on protein shifting and starch activation. The event was attended by nearly 100 food processing professionals. Food processing experts from the Hosokawa Micron Group presented various techniques and technologies to isolate high protein and high starch fraction of cereal grains and legumes utilizing milling/classification process. The speaker also discussed how increasing water absorption in starch particles can increase production yields and improve many characteristics of wheat based products such as breads and frozen dough’s.

Protein Shifting is the process of grinding and classifying grains or legumes into a high protein and low protein/high starch fraction. The high protein fraction can be used for making various dough’s, live stock feed and supplement for fish meal. The low protein/high starch fraction can also be used for mature live stock feed as well as for cake mixes and wafer batter. The same process can also be adopted for peas and various legumes for feed applications, noodles, puddings and even alcohol production. This webinar shows how certain types of equipment provided by Hosokawa can increase efficiency and yields.

Starch Activation or Attrition Grinding is the process of improving the baking potential of flours through higher water absorption. Characteristics like dough surface, machineability, fermentation, taste, softness, delayed staling and shelf life can be improved.

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems offer equipment and solutions for most processing needs. They offer custom designed educational programs for most processing techniques and technologies and can produce private presentations upon request. They have hosted many webinar programs on subjects like Wet & Dry Media Milling and Processing Aluminum Powders. If you would like to learn more about Protein Shifting or Starch Activation, please review the webinars posted on Hosokawa Micron Powders homepage or contact their offices directly.