OEL Testing By Hosokawa

With the capability of on-site OEL testing services Hosokawa can offer an improved, single source supply of containment solutions to drug manufacturers seeking solutions for the safe handling of potentially harmful or high toxicity materials and for processors in other industries keen to meet the increasing obligations regarding personnel safety and product security.

The Hosokawa OEL testing and certification service for containment equipment and systems covers downflow booths, filling and weighing systems, laminar flow cabinets and isolator/gloveboxes with the purpose of assessing levels of operator exposure (OEL) and validation of the performance of containment systems and equipment. The limit of detection (LOD) for a typical surrogate material is 2ng.

Testing is performed by Hosokawa’s air monitoring trained and IOSH certified industrial chemist according to the ISPE Good Practice Guide: Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment.

The availability of in-house OEL testing means Hosokawa customers benefit from Hosokawa’s specialist containment expertise and understanding of the customer’s containment requirements at all stages of construction and operation – including prior to installation in factory acceptance tests (FAT) and site acceptance tests (SAT) following installation.

Sample analysis is completed by a third party analytical laboratory to ensure independent evaluation. Sample results are reported over the task duration.