New to Hosokawa’s Technical Center: InfraLab e-Series Food Analyzer

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems’ Technical Center has expanded its extensive selection of process equipment for material trials and analysis by adding the InfraLab e-Series food analyzer to the list! 

The InfraLab e-Series food analyzer provides rapid, accurate measurement of moisture, fat and protein content in a variety of food products. Using multi-wavelength NIR reflection, the InfraLab does not require contact with the product sample. The sample dish is placed on the turntable; the InfraLab automatically recognizes that it has been placed there and begins the analysis.

The InfraLab is designed to replace routine gravimetric or wet chemical moisture, fat and protein content analysis methods (application dependent) and is ideal for users who need to process multiple samples on a daily basis. In the past, Hosokawa would send samples out to a partner company to analyze the fat, protein, and moisture content. This would cost additional money and it would take time away from equipment testing. 

Having the InfraLab in house means Hosokawa can enjoy laboratory accuracy without the costs, the chemicals or the time associated with above lab methods. In short, InfraLab improves product quality and consistency by allowing more representative process sampling and its rapid analysis capability delivers substantial savings through reduction in costs of routine sample testing. 

Contact Hosokawa’s Food Application Manager or the Technical & Custom Processing Center Manger to learn more!