Mechano Fusion is now Available from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

Mechano Fusion (surface fusion) is an innovative technology that generates a mechano chemical reaction to create new particulate materials. Because an infinite amount of particle combinations are possible, Mechano Fusion is ideal for realizing new particle designs and processes and well suited for use in a wide variety of applications.

The Mechano Fusion system can achieve high powder particle functionality in the following materials: organic and inorganic substances; metal; ceramics and raw materials. Among the powder/particle modifications achievable with Mechano Fusion are improved particle composition and surface quality, control of particle shape (spherical or flat), enhanced powder fusion and more precise dispersion and integral mixing at the particulate level.

The simple mechanical technique utilized by Mechano Fusion offers an endless range of material combination applications compared to wet techniques or other dry methods.

For example, when compared to conventional dry mixers, Mechano Fusion not only produces compound particles, also achieves more complete mix distribution and controls particle shape.

Hosokawa Micron has developed an improved Mechano Fusion system with the addition of a powder re-circulation process. This new device, the Mechano Fusion AMS, broadens the range of powders and particles that can be processed with Mechano Fusion. This opens up an endless array of possible combinations.


  • Produces composite particles, controls particle shape (spherical or flat) and
    precise mixing
  • Eliminates the need for premixing without compromising product quality
  • Scale up processing using Mechano Fusion on conventional mixers
  • Easy feeding and discharging of materials with complete product evacuation
  • Product temperature is controlled using a water-cooled jacket
  • Compact design saves space

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