Innovative CIP Capabilities Available with the NEW CIP Mikro-ACM Air Classifying Mills

Developed from the world’s leading air classifier mill, the new CIP Mikro-ACM air classifying mill combines the traditional features of ultrafine grinding and classifying with innovative CIP (clean in place) capabilities. It offers all the benefits of reduced downtime due to easy manual dismantling and cleaning plus increased operator and environmental safety.

The new CIP Mikro-ACM air classifying mill incorporates explosion protection, low noise, outstanding accessibility and a high level of GMP. It is suitable for a wide range of high performance milling operations where an ultra fine material with steep particle size distribution is required. The CIP capability allows the mill to be filled with water, special cleaning fluid or even some organic solvents. Agitation of these fluids can be included if required. Features include total internal access, full validation procedure, low noise, fine grinding to D97-10 microns, suitable for batch productions, and shock resistant to 11 bar.

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