Hybrid Vision Isolator

The new Hybrid Vision Isolator from Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems offers a high visibility, cost effective, short lead time, mid-range option for the containment of pharmaceutical products and processes with containment levels below 1µg/m³.

The Hybrid Vision Isolator, is the latest development from the Hosokawa Micron technical team working to design and manufacture custom engineered containment solutions. The new Hybrid Vision Isolator incorporates the proven Hosokawa Flexible Containment Isolator (FCI) functionality and is designed for applications that require the containment of larger pieces of equipment and processes which need a bigger working area.

The Hybrid Vision Isolator is designed with an acrylic canopy that allows full visibility of the inside of the isolator which is lit by ambient light or room lighting. Unlit corners or dark spots, as a result of shadows cast from internal arms or the operators arms, are therefore eliminated to give full operational visibility.

The acrylic canopy allows the location of glove ports in any position on all four sides of the canopy to give operators easy, all round access to the equipment, controls ,process and maintenance activities.

The Hybrid Vision Isolator incorporates HEPA filtration and a continuous liner bag out port as standard features. In addition , the unit can be fitted with options including a CIP system, nitrogen purge, interlocked access door, oxygen analyzer and electrical power sockets.

Lighter in weight than a conventional stainless steel isolator, the Hosokawa Hybrid Vision Isolator can easily be wheeled to different locations within the facility making it highly flexible and user friendly. For companies looking for a lower cost alternative to the stainless steel isolator and shorter lead time for testing, trials or production processes, the Hosokawa Hybrid Vision Isolators has obvious advantages.