Hosokawa’s Top 5 Milling Technologies

While customers interested in Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems may know which milling system works best for their specific application (typically in Chemical, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Mineral industries), many are unaware of important criteria they should consider before making their ultimate selection.

Hosokawa recently produced an educational webinar to help customers evaluate which technology is the most effective solution for their size reduction process.

  • Getting an brief look at the “Top 5” Hosokawa milling technologies, which include the Mikro Pulverizer® Hammer Mills, Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mills, Mikro® UMP and Alpine Pin Mills, Alpine So Ball Mills and Alpine Fluidized Bed Jet Mills
  • Learning how the characteristics of the material entering the milling system’s feed play an enormous role in selecting the right machine. (i.e. Is the feed material light? Sticky? Hard? Heat-Sensitive?)
  • Finding out how each material-characteristic can affect the milling system’s operation and the end product results
  • Understanding four different size reduction techniques: Shearing/Cutting, Attrition, Compression/Crushing and Impact

The webinar focuses on the “Top 5,” highlighting each technology and the specific milling systems that fall under that category. Throughout each topic, viewers will glean important information, such as:

  • The specific milling system’s uses (i.e. pre-grinding, medium-to-fine reduction, etc.
  • How each system operates
  • Appropriate applications for each system (i.e. processing sticky materials, heat-sensitive materials, etc.)
  • The number of models in each product line
  • Rotor speeds and screen sizes
  • Distinctive Hosokawa design details that improve durability
  • Design safeguards for materials with potential explosion hazards

Watch the webinar now to learn everything you need to know about Hosokawa’s Top 5 milling technologies.