Hosokawa’s Insights to Powder Processing in the Mineral Industry

On Wednesday, October 9th, Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems hosted an in-house Minerals Workshop for all employees, managers, supervisors, research and development scientists and engineers in the mineral industry. The Hosokawa Micron Group experts introduced and discussed the latest powder processing technologies, global market trends, and high end applications that surround the minerals industry.

The topics the workshop focused on:

  • Latest powder processing technologies for profitable, ultra-fine, mineral powders and slurries 
  • Present global market trends
  • New and high end applications
  • A tour through Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems’ testing and processing center
  • Emphasized the following minerals:
    • Ground Calcium Carbonate (GGC) – Latest dry- and wet-processing technologies for the application of ultra-fine powders & slurries in the fineness range of D97 = 2- 12 µm for the polymer and paint industries, including GCC for the application of high end breathable film. A second focus for GCC on the energy cost effective processing of mass products in the range of D97 = 8 – 45 µm.
    • Hard Minerals – Dry processing of ultrafine grades of high end ultrafine powders in the range of D97 = 3.5 µm to 20 µm for high tech industries, as well as processing of special designed particle size distributions e.g. for LCD screens, including mobile phones, IT applications.
    • Talc– The trend to finer and finer talcum powder grades can´t be stopped. Jet milling and wet grinding technologies for processing of ultrafine perfect delaminated talc powders down to the range of D50 = 0.6 µm with highest L/D ratio of talc.
    • Graphite – Jet milling and classifier mill technologies for finest grades of natural and synthetic graphite for high end applications including graphite for the application in Li-Ion-Batteries.
    • Flame Retardants – Mineral based flame retardants are coming more and more a substitute and focus for chemical-based ones, due to legislative directives (halogen free). A variety of dry- and wet-processing technologies were discussed for producing ATH and Magnesium Hydroxide based minerals as Brucite and Huntite in the fineness range of D97 = 5 – 45 µm.

If you would like to learn more about the above topics, receive a copy of the presentations from the workshop, or would like to speak with our minerals sales engineer, please contact us at help@hmps.hosokawa.com.