Hosokawa’s Educational Program Continues to Grow

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems’ educational programs continue to gain strength as leading technical experts from around the Hosokawa network present complex processing theories and principles to hundreds of industry professionals.

In Hosokawa’s most recent program, Laboratory Equipment Product Specialist Tim Calvo presented a webinar on Particle Size Analysis with a concentration on aerodynamic sieving principles. The program was viewed live by more then one hundred and seventy viewers from processing companies. The recorded version has already been downloaded in five different continents.

This webinar discussed the different theories of particle sizing analysis, the mathematical model options and the most commonly used methods and instruments. The speaker focused on pneumatic sieving which is the universally preferred method for particle sizing by most powder processors.

Hosokawa produces one of the world’s most popular particle sizing instruments called the Micron Air Jet Sieve. This apparatus is considered by many to produce the most accurate results at a cost many times less than a laser diffraction analyzer. It has a small footprint and can be operated with little training. Users can expect precise results with every use in minutes.

Hosokawa started using web based educational programs (webinars) over a year ago to help answer many commonly asked questions from customers. The program offered an interesting means for Hosokawa to share new technology, demonstrate complex ideas, and show how to optimize a system or improve production for its customers. The program was recently brought to the general public at no cost and recorded webinars can we found on the company website, www.hmicronpowder.com.