Fall Webinar Schedule

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems has announced their fall webinar schedule, including five programs starting in late August and running into December.


The various topics will cover many processes including particle size analysis and new ASTM guidelines, sugar processing & explosion protection, high containment solutions for pharmaceutical safety, basics of classification technology and the basics of mixing technology.


Particle Size Analysis – August 25 – Hosokawa’s “Particle Size Analysis Webinar” was originally presented two years ago. Since then, there have been updates to analysis techniques and ASTM standards that will be discussed during this presentation. This webinar covers different theories of particle analysis, common measurement methods and features of various instruments. The presentation focuses on how aerodynamic sieving works, application fields, features, and how the user may benefit from such a device.


Sugar Processing – September 22 – This presentation will review the basics of size reduction techniques for granular sugar and look at various system designs while providing suggestions for the explosion hazard associated with this process. This presentation has been developed for sugar processors but might be helpful to anyone processing food ingredients or other volatile materials. 


Containment Solutions for Processing Pharmaceutical Powders – October 13 – This presentation will cover the basic requirements, philosophy and components associated with rigid wall isolators that are used operators protection when processing hazardous compounds. The seminar will concentrate on some of the pitfalls associated with the design of isolators and give the attendees an insight to the critical parameters that would need to be researched as one embarks on this type of project.  This program is designed for the pharmaceutical industry but could be helpful in any application where containment is needed.


Basics of Classification Technology – November 10 – This presentation is a general overview of various devices available to classify a variety of materials in the chemical, mineral, food and pharmaceutical processing industries. The discussion will include some of the most widely used technology available. This program can be helpful to anyone with a powder processing application.


Basics of Mixing Technology – December 8 – Mixing is one of the most common, yet least understood steps in powder processing. This is the first of our multi-part webinar series on powder mixing which will cover the when-what-how of mixing. Subsequent webinars will delve deeper into certain specific application areas.  This presentation is suitable for any manufacturer with a mixing process.


Hosokawa’s Educational Programs are objective presentations given by industry experts. The webinars are free to join and can be shared with colleagues. If you have any questions about Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems programs, products or services, please call (908)273-6360.