Dual Action Mixing from Hosokawa’s Cyclomix

Unique dual mixing actions make the Hosokawa Cyclomix the machine of choice for customers in the chemical industries seeking intensive mixing of cohesive powders, pastes and slurries.

The combination of high shear and high impact mixing creates a fast but gentle mixing cycle suitable for not only intensive mixing of powders, liquids and slurries but also dispersion, densification, grinding, drying, agglomeration, coating and bonding.

The revolutionary patented design, based on the renowned Nauta mixing technology, combines the benefits of a new mixing element, the shape of the mixing vessel and the location of the mixing element to the inner vessel wall to achieve the impressive mixing results.

The Cyclomix is able to mix a wide range of powders and liquids with different characteristics to the highest levels of accuracy, making it ideally suited for applications such as the mixing of solids into viscous resins and the dispersion of pigment in liquids and solids.

The excellent mixing capabilities of the Cyclomix means that final product qualities may actually be improved with a reduction of active ingredients, pigments or liquids realised.

A double jacket on the Cyclomix mixing vessel and full cover provides excellent heat control during processing to ensure product stability. With full discharge from the base of the vessel and easy clean design the Cyclomix is ideally suited for batch mixing chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toner, paint and ink and plastic materials.

Available in a range of sizes from 1 – 2000 litres with a range of optional spray devices for the addition of liquids the Cyclomix proven technology is well documented to allow for simple scale up to meet production demands.