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RDD Conference

RDD Conference

Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD®) is a series of academically organized, international symposiums focusing on the development and commercialization of pulmonary and nasal pharmaceutical products. Major RDD annual meetings alternate between the US (in even numbered years) and Europe (in odd numbered years), with less frequent conferences in Asia.

RDD meetings are organized by Richard N. Dalby and Joanne Peart who partner with academic institutions, companies and professional organizations to run what is widely recognized as one of the premier international conference series in this important and growing pharmaceutical sector.

Our conferences are designed for academic, regulatory, and industrial clinicians, scientists, and business professionals involved in the research, development, testing, manufacturing or registration of existing or new therapeutic entities delivered by aerosol systems. Individual sessions target hot topics across a variety of specialties.

Expert speakers and panelists provide insightful perspectives on scientific, clinical, and regulatory issues that have impacts worldwide.

A uniquely informal and compact exhibition area allows formulation, device, and equipment designers, component suppliers, CROs, and specialized consulting firms to present their latest developments alongside scientific posters from the academic and corporate aerosol community. Particularly innovative poster abstracts are presented in the main auditorium during "Posters on the Podium", with graduate student presenters automatically eligible for the VCU RDD Peter R. Byron Graduate Student Award.

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