New Lab Compaction System

Since many active pharmaceutical ingredients cost thousands of dollars per gram to produce, Hosokawa felt it was important to continue development of laboratory scale equipment to process these valuable powders. In May 2016, Hosokawa introduced the Alpine Pharmapaktor APC C80/20, the companies smallest compaction and dry granulation system. It was developed to process small batches of 10 gram or less, or could be used in a continuous operation compacting up to 30 kg/hour.  The Pharmapaktor C80/20 was designed for processing active pharmaceutical ingredients into dust free granules using compaction forces up to 6 kN/cm.  The C80/20 compaction rollers are 80 mm in diameter and 20 mm wide and have an adjust able gap that is electromechanically controlled. The entire process area, including the flake crusher can be built inside a containment glove box designed to protect operators and reduce product contamination.

Learn more about compact and dry granulation in our short video demonstration.