Hosokawa Polymer Systems Shows off New Dedusting System at NPE 2015

Hosokawa Polymer Systems displayed numerous granulators and recycling systems at the NPE 2015 International Plastics Showcase in Orlando, Florida, but Hosokawa’s real show stopper was the new dedusting system which cannot only economically dedust granulated materials at up to 10,000 pounds per hour with ultra-high efficiency, but also can perform complicated separation such as PVC/TPO reinforced roofing, DVD covers with paper and other difficult tasks. Hosokawa’s team met with over 400 customers during the five day long trade event, many of which had serious requirements to find new solutions to clean their recycled materials.

Hosokawa’s Dedusting System is an incredibly effective and inexpensive solution to removing fine particles, dust and streamers from regrind and virgin materials that lead to performance and quality problems in extrusion applications. It can also be used for removing fibers, paper and other contaminates from useful products.  The system is easy to operate, uses little energy, is simple to maintain. The pilot size systems start around $18,000 and are capable of processing up to 750 pounds per hour. Each Dedusting System is fully customizable and can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

The company also displayed a Heavy Duty 1626 Granulator, a Press Side Granulator 1116 SIL and details on the PRS Pipe Shredder and its new coffin pipe shredder. The Heavy Duty 1626 Granulator is used in recycling think walled components, purgings and film applications and features a solid steel flywheel which maintains rotor inertia during load spikes.  The Press Side Granulator 1116 SIL is a universal recycling granulator that is mobile, simple to operate and encased in a sound dampening cabinet. The PRS Pipe Shredder is new large diameter pipe recycling system that can safely and efficient granulate solid and corrugated wall pipes up to 72” in diameter and 40’ long at up to 4,000 pph and the coffin shredder can handle various pipe up to 50” in diameter and 20’ long exceeding 5,000 pph.

If you were unable to visit Hosokawa Polymer Systems at the NPE 2015 Show, please consider seeing these devices at our Berlin, Connecticut design and test facility or visit our You Tube page to watch recorded demonstrations at: http://polysys.com/videos .