Mikro® e-ACM Air Classifying Mill

The Mikro® E-ACM is specially designed for the grit reduction of carbon black. Many of the same design features of the Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mill, a workhorse in the industry for a wide array of applications for decades, have been integrated as the basis for design of the Mikro® E-ACM. In addition, various improvements have been made to overcome the challenges of milling carbon black. 

Unlike standard air classifying milling operation, the carbon black feed material is fed in the primary airstream from below the rotor of the Mikro® E-ACM. The internal parts and geometry of the grinding and classification sections have been modified to meet the particle characteristics and quality specification of carbon black. In addition, the internal recirculation working principle of the air classifying mill has been replaced with our patented external coarse recycle system. All these enhancements yield low product grit levels other milling technologies cannot achieve.


  • Reduces grit levels as low as < 1 PPM + 325 MESH
  • Can be installed in existing reactor lines
  • Impact milling with internal classification & external coarse recirculation
  • Operates in gas streams up to 200°C
  • Capacities up to 10 tons/hour
  • Energy efficient and economical to operate
  • Even poor grades of feedstock can be used to produce clean, high quality material


  • Grinds & classifies materials in one step
  • Available with 10 to 300 HP drive motor
  • Constructed in fabricated steel or stainless steel
  • Wear protection and anti-friction options available for abrasive and/or sticky materials
  • Minimal maintenance & downtime required
  • Variable speed grinding rotor & classifier wheel
  • Heavy duty & durable construction
  • Purged bearing assembly for high temperature applications

The Model E is unique in that it has an external coarse recycle system which extracts oversize material and returns it to the grinding chamber for additional processing. The feed design of the Model E introduces product from under the main rotor; ensuring that 100% of the feed material comes in contact with the impact rotor for optimal grinding efficiency.

The Model E can also be used for grit reduction applications when tight particle top size control is required, such as in the case of Carbon Black, Iron Oxides, and Clays.

The processing of light density materials may become problematic as the lighter material will float in the classifier zone and will not easily be recycled to the impact zone of the mill. The external recirculation system of the Model E and the bottom feed ensure that all the product is returned to the grinding chamber for more efficient size reduction.

Cohesive materials can in some instances stick and build up in the standard Mikro ACM® – Air Classifying Mill, due to the expanded surface area of shroud and baffle assembly and the reduced tangential air velocity. The Model E has no internal shroud and baffle and therefore no internal components to assist in accumulation of product. Also the internal airflow is allowed to develop maximum velocity thereby keeping the mill chamber walls free from accumulation.


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