The Mikro® Crusher is available in three different sizes and models; for laboratory, standard and heavy duty performance. All three models are the double roll type, designed either to serve as pre-crushers for Mikro Pulverizers® and other mills or as independent crushers. The Mikro Crusher features an outer housing in which two shafts are installed, firmly supported by heavy bearings at either end. For use on certain materials, breaker bars may be installed under the rolls for further size reduction.

Design & Options:

  • Economical crushing down to 3 mm
  • Available with 3 to 15 HP
  • Various Shaft Options available
  • Pre-Crushing for Fine Size Reduction Devices
  • Durable & Energy Efficient Design
  • Capable of crushing larger materials up to 10 inches
  • Suitable for Chemical, Mineral and Food Materials
  • Well suited for Soft to Medium-Hard Materials


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