The Hosokawa Micron Agglomaster AGM is the batch type fluidized agglomerator with unique rotating disk for combining a tumbling and agitating agglomeration operation by integrated blades. One cycle completes with mixing, agglomeration, drying and cooling processes to produce powdery material. The machine can control particle size and bulk density by controlling the operating conditions.

  • A fluidized bed based technology for drying, granulating and coating of nano-particle suspensions
  • Perform particle bonding with liquid binders
  • Incorporates two different methods of granulation; fluidized bed with a slotted rotor, or fluidized bed with agitation impellers with optional pulse jets to eliminate agglomerates and produce the required particle size and shape of products
  • Integrated automatic process control for reliable operation
  • Design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Applications: instant soups, instant drinks, functional nutrifoods, flavors, pharmaceutical lactose, dextrin, vitamins, nutraceuticals, chemical surfactants, fragrance, metal powders, powder paints
  • 0.1 to 2200 liters batch capacities

The agglomeration chamber is provided with the agitator / rotor disc at the bottom of the fluidizing chamber where the airflow dispersion disk located. The combination of the controlled airflow and the motion of the agitating disk forms rumble and fluidized bed.

Filter bags at the top of the casing separate the powder from airflow. The two fluid nozzle supplies the binder into the fluidized bed for aggregating / surface enhancement of powder.

The nozzle location can be selected on its purpose and on operating condition. The nozzle position is to spray liquid at the top surface of the fluid-bed. Side nozzle position is to spray liquid into the fluid-bed.


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