Mixing Plastics


The plastics industry is well established and the end use of the products is involved in almost every part of day to day life from your tooth brush in the morning to your television in the evening.  The Nauta Conical Screw Mixer  is well established in this application with uses for low shear blending application where the standards are the highest.  This is especially important for mixtures that require the dispersion of a very low percentage additive evenly through a large batch.  It is also ideal for batches that include feeds with very different particle sizes and/or particle density due to the control of the convective current which can overcome the natural tendency to segregate.

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The Nauta Conical Screw Mixers are used in various parts of the manufacturing process.  Most commonly it is used for the blending of pigments and/or other minor additives into large batches.  The mixer works by creating convection current inside the batch of material that thoroughly and gently moves the material.  The auger pulls material up and deposits it at higher in the batch.  The location of the auger is changed by the orbital arm which moves the auger at a relatively slow speed around the periphery of the mixer. Depending on the weight of the batch cantilever mixers are available above 25,000 Liters for allowing for a full discharge and removal of the bottom bearing which can generate heat and requires lubricants in the mixing zone.

The mixers are available in a wide variety of sizes from lab sized 5 liter to over 100,000 liters in various materials of construction. Mixing trials can be completed in our New Jersey headquarters or at our sister office in the Netherlands.

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