Cell Culture Media

Over the past 20 years Hosokawa has developed the expertise to provide a variety of solutions from a full blown closed loop inert system that starts with pre-blend, milling, post blending and ending with containment free packaging to basic gravity feed and discharge size reduction systems for producing powder cell culture media.

Utilizing Hosokawa’s Nauta Conical Screw Mixing technology for pre- and post-blending operations we can guarantee a gentle, uniform and repeatable mixing process while employing our pin milling technology (UMP or UPZ) to produce a variety of different particles size distributions. One of the key features of Hosokawa’s cell culture media system is the flexibility that we built in whether it is inertion for explosion protection and humidity control or gas temperature adjustment to allow for processing of variety of formulas without the concern of product degradation or build up with in the mill.

Hosokawa expertise lies in, designing animal component free systems (R&D scale to full production) with minimal make/break connection to minimize or eliminate contamination of the cell culture media while considering the appropriate CIP/WIP options to enable extremely fast cleaning of the equipment to allow the operators to quickly switch over to a new batch.