The increasing demand for crystallized sugar over the last several decades has resulted in a greater need for innovative and cost effective equipment for processing.  Hosokawa has designed, manufactured and installed thousands of milling systems for crystallized sugar manufacturers since the 1940’s and has invented some of the world’s most efficient milling technologies. Hosokawa offers a few size reduction systems designed to meet specific production goals.

  • Energy efficient crystallized sugar milling
  • Pilot size mills up to Full production systems
  • Easy to clean and sanitary designs
  • Researched and engineered by an experience team
  • Coarse grinding to ultra-fine silk sugar
  • Narrow particle size distributions

The Mikro Pulverizer® Hammer & Screen Mill consists of a high speed rotor assembly fitted with hammers that uses mechanical impact to grind raw sugar to a typical range of 4X to  8x defined as 92% < 200 Mesh (75 µm) to 96% < 200 Mesh (75 µm). The Mikro Pulverizer is available in a variety of sizes for small pilot mills to massive production systems capable of processing over 21,000 lbs/hour.

Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mill – Hosokawa’s air classification mill offers the highest capacity and widest range of fineness grind of our size reduction systems. It is able to mill raw sugar from the range of 4X to 12 x or 92% < 200 Mesh (75 µm) to 98% < 325 Mesh (45 µm) and still achieve high production rates. This mill can even be used to produce silk sugar (defined as 97% < 20 µm).