Protein Shifting

By concentrating the proteins found in legumes such as peas, beans and soya, food engineers have successfully replaced animal proteins for many applications with vegetable based ingredients.

In a protein shifting process, the legumes are finely ground using an air classifying mill to disintegrate the endosperm and liberate the protein and starch. The Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mill  is one of the most effective size reduction systems for fine milling of dry legumes to the appropriate particle size, ideal for separation. The ground materials are pneumatically conveyed to an Alpine® ATP Turboplex Air Classifier  which separates the coarse, low protein material from the fine, protein rich material.

The two material fractions are both collected and have multiple uses. Coarse, low protein/ high starch material can be used as a confectionery ingredient, starch for pasta, as a thickening agent, alcohol manufacturing or plastic film production. Fine, protein rich/ low starch materials are used in infant formulas, animal/livestock feed, fish farm feed or as a nutritional supplement.