Recycling of Toner Fines

Recycling of Toner Fines

During production of toner different steps are required:

•  Mixing of the  raw materials
•  Extrusion  and cooling of the mixture
•  Pre-crushing
•  Fine Milling & Classification to d50 6 – 8 µm

During the micronizing stage ultrafine particles < 5 µm are generated. These undesirable ultrafine particles create problems in the document imaging process. Additionally, this product cannot be reused in the extruder again in high quantities because of its low bulk weight of < 200 g/l. The compaction process allows the reuse of the ultrafine fraction in the extruder and up to 100% inline recycling of material with a high value.

During the compaction/granulation process this fine dust will be granulated to dust free granules of 1 to 6 mm with a bulk density of more than 500 g/l.

The compactor is designed for dust free operation and granulation without adding any binder.

In a first step flakes were pressed in the compactor.

In a second step the flakes are crushed to granules. Depending on the target the granules can be de-dusted with a screening machine or directly used in the extruder.

Example for APC-L 200/50

Feeding bulk weight: 200 g/l = 12.5 lb/ft³
Final bulk weight: min. 500 g/l = 37.5 lb/ft³
Throughput: approx. 50 – 80 kg/h = 100 – 180 lb/h