Powder Coatings

A powder coating consists of a free-flowing, dry powder that is applied to a surface electrostatically, free from solvents that are used in liquid paint coatings.  Powder coatings are used primarily for metal surfaces, including automotive and marine industries, as well for household appliances, office furniture and other industrial applications.  Particle size defines the film thickness and control of particle size distribution is vital for optimal coating efficiency.  Both large particle and ultra-fine particles pose problems downstream in the electrostatic coating application.

The Mikro-ACM Air Classifying Mill is the standard in the industry.  The ACM efficiently reduces the particles that are produced from the upstream extruder and cooling belt / pre-crusher from ¼” to 3/8” chips to D50 of 35-40 µm and D99 of 90-100 µm.  A downstream Mikro-Classifier CC can be added for those coating applications that specify a minimum ultra-fines level, for example, < 5% < 5 µm.  The Mikro-ACM and Mikro-Classifier CC can also be process coatings for thin film applications that require a D50 in the range of 18-25 µm.

The Mikro-ACM and Mikro-Classifier CC is available in various sizes, from lab/pilot scale to large-scale production.  Other design options include:

  Special easy to clean designs for quick product change-over

  Pressure shock resistant (PSR design) for explosion protection

  Compact and space-saving designs to minimize cleaning time of process ducting, cyclones, etc