Catalyst Coating & Preparation

Catalyst Coating & Preparation


The Catalyst industry is wide and varied from polymerization reactions to the petrochemical industries it touches some of the largest industries in the world.  The production of catalysts usually involves the impregnation of a dissolved active on a base material which is an application ideally suited for a Nauta Conical Vacuum Dryer.  We have experience in this field with many installations worldwide.

The Nauta Conical Vacuum Dryer has a few advantages that make it suitable.  It is an extremely gentle dryer/mixer for minimal particle size degradation.  Liquids can be dosed in directly into the active zone in a controlled fashion for an even coating across the entire batch.  The drying phase is by vacuum with a solvent recovery system to allow for the recovery of the solvents that were used to dissolve the active ingredients.  The discharge from the vessel is from the bottom of the cone by a full port valve, there is no bottom bearing to support the arm which could generate heat or require lubricants in the dryer.  It also allows for the entire batch to discharge quickly with minimal residual material left behind.

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The dryers are available in a wide variety of sizes from lab sized 20 liter dryers to over 15,000 liters in various materials of construction.  Allow us to prove to you they work at our test centers in New Jersey, USA and The Netherlands. 

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