Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems creates a variety of machines for use at various stages in the production of agrochemicals. Though the exact order in your process will vary based on the product we can offer equipment for:


After synthesis we offer equipment to remove liquids, both water and other solvents, from solid products. One example is the Vrieco-Nauta vacuum dryer. This dryer is capable of processing up to 20,000 liters of material in large batches, while in full compliance with FDA standards in a safe controlled process. Other drying applications include the Micron Drymeister Flash Dryer for a continuous drying system. Click here for information on Hosokawa’s drying applications.


Another step is milling the agrochemical, breaking down the particles for use later in the process.  The Mikro ACM Air Classifying Mill is capable of grinding agrochemicals to achieve a top size of 25-35 µm, and the Alpine Jet Mills are capable of size reduction of agrochemicals to a top size of 15 µm.  We also offer Pin Mills and Hammer Mills for coarser grinding. Click here to learn more about Hosokawa’s milling applications. 


With regards to blending we offer batch mixers in a large variety of sizes and configurations.  Most commonly the active ingredient is mixed with additives and fillers of varies sizes and bulk densities, our Nauta Conical mixing technology can handle the wide process range requirements also with consistent mixing quality with varying fill volumes. Click here to learn more about the Nauta mixer.  


The final step of some agrochemical is the agglomeration of the material to form a water dispersible granule(WDG).  Agglomeration has two parts, and the best tool to accomplish both of these is the Schugi Flexomix Agglomeration System. The first part of this system is the formation of a wet agglomerate utilizing a Schugi Flexomix, high shear continuous mixer. This will mix the components with mater in a turbulent environment so that they form the “raspberry” shape of the WDG. The second part of agglomeration is the drying process, which is done by fluid bed dryer. This dries the particles and hardens it so that you have your finished product: a dry pesticide WDG. These systems produce agglomerates with particle sizes between 0.2mm to about 2mm. Click here to learn more about the Schugi Flexomix Agglomeration System.