Cocoa Processing

The Hosokawa Micron Group will host a free education program focusing on cocoa processing. The standard quality used in the chocolate industry is cocoa powder at 99.5% < 75 µm. This presentation weighs the pros and cons of pin, hammer and air classifier mills.  It will examine the milling methods of different cocoa qualities:

  • Low fat content of 10-12% and high fat content of up to 26%
  • Dark powder

We also have a closer look at technical aspects and solutions:

  • Hygienic air by means of closed circuit system
  • Abrasion and wear
  • Stickiness
  • Concepts of stabilization

The program is designed for anyone processing cocoa press cake, but may also be beneficial to anyone milling sticky products. The program will run for 45 minutes and conclude with a short question and answer session.