Basics of Isolation Technology

Isolation technology, sometimes called containment technology, is an essential part of the modern powder processing industry. Many material powders can be harmful to the human body if inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. In order to ensure the safety and containment of hazardous materials, isolation and containment of the powders must occur. Isolation technologies help powder processors to accomplish this. There are three types of isolation technologies. They are:

Packing Heads

Packing heads are essentially inflatable bags that can be filled with material and then sealed. This completely seals off the material inside of the bag, thus isolating it, along with preventing others from being exposed to the material.

Fill Weigh Systems

A fill weigh system transfers hazardous material from its origin point to the inside of the packing head. The packing head wraps around the fill weigh system, allowing the material to pass through the system and into the packing head. Throughout this process, the material is safely isolated and contained.

Flow Booths

Flow booths circulate air in such a way that the main dust area stays away from the operator. It starts by taking the dust from outside of the flow booth and sucking it into a chamber while spinning the air in the chamber around. This keeps the dust inside the chamber and away from any person it could harm.

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