Active Freeze Drying Webinar (lyophilization)

Freeze drying, also known as Lyophilization, is the process of drying a material through the use of sublimation. It essentially involves freezing a material, and then reducing the air pressure around that material before melting it so that the frozen water, instead of melting, goes immediately from a solid to a gas, drying the material. This process requires many applications to complete.

Benefits of Freeze Drying

Many industrial driers have a tendency to damage materials, especially heat-sensitive materials. Industrial driers that use freeze drying give the manufacturer the ability to dry heat-sensitive materials without the danger of the drier heating the product to the point that it is damaged. It also gives the manufacturer the ability to freeze dry powder products without the risk of them agglomerating and forming larger particles.

Benefits of Active Freeze Drying

Active freeze drying gives the manufacturer even more benefits than the standard freeze drying process. Active freeze drying makes processing faster, handling easier, and it even enhances the quality of the product through altering the product’s traits, such as its bulk density, particle size distribution, color, taste, and appearance, among others.

If you wish to learn more about Hosokawa and their active freeze drying applications, be sure to watch the entire webinar.