Software update on the Mikro Air Jet Sieve MAJSx

Hosokawa Micron’s Mikro Air Jet Sieve — MAJSx frequently requires software updates as part of its maintenance. Software updates help to ensure that there are no software problems and that the machine can function to its fullest extent.

This video shows the proper instructions for updating the software. You can see the current software in the options menu. Please note that there are two means of updating the software of the MAJSx:

  1. FTB update: Select this option if you are connected to a network with internet capabilities.
  2. USB update: Select this option if you are connected to an LAN or router.

After choosing between FTP and USB connections, continue with installation by following all on-screen instructions.

When you see the prompt: “Do you want to install an update to this existing application? Your existing data will not be lost. The updated application will gain access to,” be sure to choose “New” and then press “Install.”

Once you see the “App Installed” screen, you can open the application, and the update should be complete.