Replacing the 930/390 vacuum bag on the Hosokawa Air Jet Sieve

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve – MAJSx is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer that is capable of determining the particle size distribution of dry powder in a range of 20µm to 4,750µm. It is suitable for analysis of chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, and cosmetic materials, and can sample 10 to 100 grams per cycle.

Replacing the 390/930 Vacuum Bag

However, the Mikro Air Jet Sieve will not work efficiently if it is not maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, periodic inspection and replacement of the 390/930 vacuum bag in the attached vacuum. If the 390/930 vacuum bag is full, then the vacuum will not work as efficiently, and vacuum pressure may be reduced. If the vacuum pressure is too low, the product may not move through the air jet sieve as would be necessary to achieve proper sieving.

This video shows the proper instructions for replacing the 390/930 vacuum bag on the vacuum attached to the Mikro Air Jet Sieve. As always, make sure to follow the proper safety procedures, including use of gloves and eye protection, along with removing all electrical cables, including the power, communication, and network cables, and the vacuum plug, prior to beginning maintenance.

Other notes on replacing the 390/930 vacuum bag:

  1. When placing the new vacuum bag, ensure that the cardboard extension is facing up, and that the piece goes around the entire nozzle.
  2. When washing the center piece over the motor, ensure that it is completely dry before reinserting into the vacuum.
  3. Finally, when reinserting the vacuum lid, ensure that it has been secured to the vacuum