Replace Hammers on a Hosokawa Mikro Pulverizer

The Mikro Pulverizer Hammer and Screen Mill is an efficient mechanical mill designed for refinement and size reduction. It is capable of processing a range of materials, from chemicals like ammonium sulfate to food items like cinnamon and black pepper, and is capable of reducing the size of these materials to as little as 50 microns.

Changing the Hammers

However, the Mikro Pulverizer Hammer and Screen Mill will not work efficiently if the machine is not maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, periodic replacement of the hammers. As material passes through the Mikro Pulverizer, the hammers impact the multiple deflector liner, and the material is caught in between the hammers and the liner. This pulverizes the material, reducing its size. Unmaintained hammers may result in a reduction in processing capacity. If a reduction in processing capacity is observed, then be sure to replace the multiple deflector liner, as a reduction of processing capacity could mean a drastic increase in the amount of time required to process the material.

The video on the left shows the proper instructions for removing and replacing the hammers on a Mikro Pulverizer Hammer and Screen Mill. Be sure to follow all necessary safety precautions, such as proper eye, ear and skin protection, along with all lock-out tag-out procedures.

Important notes on hammer replacement:

  1. Before starting to remove the hammers, be sure that the alignment marks are matched up so that you can but the king pin retaining disc back the same place for balancing purposes.
  2. Never install individual hammers. Always install a balanced set of hammers so the rotor stays balanced.