Printer setup with the Mikro Air Jet Sieve

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve – MAJSx has the capability to print test results straight from the Mikro Air Jet Sieve.  This will ensure that the test results from tests on your MAJSx are produced and distributed speedily and with ease.

The instructions for setting up your printer with your MAJSx are as follows:

  1. Ensure you have a printer that is compatible with a PDF language. A list of compatible printers has been developed.
  2. Connect the Mikro Air Jet Sieve to a network. You may do this through your corporate network by plugging an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of the Mikro Air Jet Sieve. You may also use a mini broadband router, connecting a router to both the Mikro Air Jet Sieve and the printer.
  3. Identify the IP address on your printer.
  4. Power up your air jet sieve and go to the “options” screen. Look for the IP address in the “Printer IP” bar. It should correspond with the IP address of your printer. If it is the correct IP address, hit “save.” A window should pop up saying that the IP address was saved. Click on “OK.”
  5. After conducting a test, hit the print button, and it should print to your printer. Note: You may want to back up your data by hitting “save” on the same screen that you hit “Print.” Also, in order to print, you MUST have a USB stick inserted into one of the USB ports.
  6. After ensuring your data is saved, you may hit “Print,” and it should send a signal to your printer via IP address, telling your printer to print your test results.
  7. Once the analysis is printed, you may access a copy of the printout on the USB stick.

Note: There are two types of print modes, Lin Lin, and Rosin Rammler. Lin Lin allows the user to print a graph with a test that used only one test screen. Rosin Rammler is a log-lin graph that can only prints tests that used 2 or more test screens to print.

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