Mikro UMP-2 Universal Mill

The Mikro UMP-2, with its 20 HP main drive, is the smallest production scale mill in Hosokawa’s Universal Mikro Pulverizer line. The UMP line is compatible with the Mikro Pulverizer Hammer Mill but with the additional benefits of:

  • Four (4) different rotor options:
  • LFS Rotor, Light Forged Stirrup Hammers are used with a multiple deflector liner and screen combination. This setup can be achieved for medium to fine grinds with a well-controlled top size.
  • Pin Disk Rotor setup is used typically to produce the finest grind with the UMP line. Since this setup eliminates the need for a screen, it can be used with oily or waxy materials.
  • Knife Rotor, just like the LFS rotor is used with the liner & screen combination, is primarily used for deagglomeration or coarse grinding. UMP’s knife rotors are reversible which allows the use of either the flat side (bar) or the sharp side (knife) for size reduction.
  • Attrition Rotor is a relatively new addition to the grinding options of the UMP. This type of rotor is suitable for grinding fibrous or polymeric products to a medium fineness with minimal heat generation.
  • Overhung rotor design allowing for extremely easy & quick rotor changes
  • Fabricated construction (versus a cast design of standard Mikro Pulverizers) makes cleaning much easier
  • High pressure designs available up to PSR (Pressure Shock Resistant) – 10 bar for explosive materials.