Mikro® LPM-2 Laboratory Pin Mill

The Hosokawa Mikro® LPM-2 Lab Pin Mill  was designed for the R&D environment where small batches and flexibility are key factors in equipment selection. This unit’s high speed pin rotor design is capable of grinding down to 25 microns while maintaining high yields even when handling batch sizes as small as 5 grams. While the LPM-2 Mill is mainly used with a pin rotor, it has the option to be used with a ridged rotor. The LPM-2 can also be used for cryogenic milling of materials. 

The fabricated grinding chamber is constructed in 316 stainless steel with a high quality, 0.8 micron Ra finish. Higher quality finishes are available for specialty applications. The access door is hinged to the grinding chamber and is secured with a tri-clamp connection for easy, quick, inspection and cleaning. The bearing housing is a cantilevered design and includes maintenance free, sealed for life bearings. There is a gas purge between the drive and process areas to eliminate material contamination and premature wear to drive components. Additionally, the compact foot print of the LPM-2 makes this unit ideal for bench top operation.

To learn more about the Mikro® LPM-2 Lab Pin Mill email help@hmps.hosokawa.com or call 908-273-6360.