Mikro Air Jet SieveĀ®, MAJSx2 Advance Setup

The Mikro Air Jet SieveĀ® – model MAJSx2 is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer designed for determining the particle size distribution of dry powders ranging from 20 ?m / #635 (mesh) to 4,750 ?m / #4 (mesh). The Mikro Air Jet SieveĀ® model MAJSx2 is the economical solution to particle size analysis.

The advanced mode utilized the built-in touch screen computer to collect and calculate particle sizes from a number of test sieve screens, generating a distribution. Additionally, the operator can connect the Mikro Air Jet SieveĀ® model MAJSx2 to a compatible balance and printer. This version is the most versatile and, as a result of the menu guided software, the easiest operate.


  • Password protected CFR 21 part 11 Registration Audit trail
  • 12 language options ā€“ customizable per user
  • Automatic data recording and storage with network capability
  • Analysis USB backup
  • 20 GB storage capacity
  • Data transfer to CSV file formatting for LIMS systems
  • Output graphs in Linear and Rosin-Rammler formats
  • Capable of calculating particle size points at 0.01 to 99.99% using the Rosin-Rammler Regression Formula
  • Analysis comparative ā€overlayā€
  • Compatible with multiple balances and most printer