MAJSx2 Test Sieve Screens

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems offers a wide selection of stainless steel test sieve screens ranging from 20µm up to 4,750 µm. The test sieve screens have a die stamped frame and are supplied with a certificate of conformance and a certified histogram, meeting ASTM-E11 standards. The test sieve screens are manufactured with high accurate, inspection grade sieve cloth and are guaranteed to be at least 99.5% accurate down to 20 microns. All test sieve screens are individually packed and supplied with a sealing O-ring.

The Hosokawa Mikro Air Jet Sieve, model MAJSx2 is suitable for use with ASTM, ISO, and JIS, 200 mm and 203 mm (8 inches) diameter, half height and full height, certified test sieve screens. 

When utilizing Hosokawa’s test sieve screen with the MAJSx2, be sure to use the black O-ring.